Past events

Public Health Career Showcase 

Australia hosted an interactive event featuring a range of facilitators from university, government, not-for profit and other sectors. Speakers discussed their career pathways and how they secured their current and past positions. They also shared helpful hints and tips to help attendees reach their goals and strive for a career in public health. Attendees formed small groups with the speakers and a group facilitator. Some interesting group discussions were held with attendees showing a keen interest in finding out more about their chosen pathway by asking questons.

Who was this showcase for?

  • University students involved in the health sciences who are interested in learning more about potential career pathways in Public Health.
  • Anyone interested in learning more about ways to incorporate public health advocacy, principles or networks into their existing health career
  • Open to PHAA non-members and members

Thank you to our presenters;

  • Professor Sharyn Rundle-Thiele
  • Kylie Johnstone
  • Karen Harmon
  • Dr. Peter Anderson
  • Associate Professor Simon Reid
  • Roger Meany
Please click here to download a printable PDF summary of this event with helpful hints and tips on how to reach your goals and pursue a career in public health.


Writing for Publication: Workshops August-November 2015

Learning how to prepare a paper for a targeted journal is an essential skill for researchers, clinicians and others. This 2 hour workshop was designed to provide tips to assist and improve your writing for publication.

These workshops were designed to enable the participant to:

  • Understand how to write for your reader
  • Understand how to structure your writing, the IMRaD structure
  • Understand the review structure of journals and specifically for the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health (ANZJPH)
  • Have a plan and timeline for completion of a manuscript

Who was this workshop for?

  • The workshop was aimed at early career researchers and clinicians (and others) who have not published much, or who have not done so recently. Please bring a clear idea for a topic to write about or bring a manuscript in progress.

Workshop facilitator

John Lowe is Professor and Head of the School of Health and Sport Sciences at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. He received his PhD in Community Health/Behavioural Science from the University of Texas. Professor Lowe is currently Editor-in-Chief of the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health; and Previously, Editor of the Health Promotion Journal of Australia. His research interests are in cancer control and prevention and injury prevention.





Essentials of Health Promotion Program Evaluation: 17 July 2015

Whether you are planning to evaluate your first program or have a wealth of experience in program evaluation, this interactive workshop will provide knowledge and skills to improve the efficiency and meaningfulness of your evaluations.

Key skill development

  • Formulating meaningful and realistic program objectives and goals
  • Generating evidence-based decisions: choosing the right time, people, and tools
  • Applying planning frameworks to guide evaluations: what they are and how to use them
  • Constructing and delivering complete evaluations: examining process (delivery), impact and outcome evaluation (short and long-term effects)
  • Overcoming challenges to program evaluation: the importance of partnerships and advocacy
  • Outcome dissemination: you have evaluated the program... now what?

 Who is this workshop for?

  • Health promotion professionals (from government and non-government organisations)
  • Clinical practitioners and allied health staff
  • Occupational health and safety officers
  • Private consultancy staff
  • Research staff

Workshop facilitators

The Queensland Branch of the Public Health Association of Australia is delighted to work with team from the Cancer Prevention Research Centre from the School of Public Health at The University of Queensland to present this workshop. Dr Brianna Fjeldsoe, Dr Sheleigh Lawler and Professor Elizabeth Eakin are public health researchers and consultancy professionals with considerable expertise in chronic disease prevention and behaviour change and workshop development and delivery.

2015 Elkington Oration: 22 April 2015

This biennial event occurs every 2 years to honour Dr Jack Elkington. This year, Professor Harvey Whiteford from the University of Queensland delivered the oration "The Global Burden of Disease Studies: Implications for mental health and substance use disorders". A video of the presentation is available at:

About the presenter:

Harvey Whiteford is Professor of Population Mental Health at the University of Queensland. He trained in medicine, psychiatry and health policy in Queensland, at Stanford University in California and the Australian National University in Canberra. He has held senior clinical and administrative positions including those of Director of Mental Health in the Queensland and Federal governments in Australia and at the World Bank in Washington DC. He has worked as a consultant to the World Health Organisation, the OECD and to national governments in Europe, Africa and Asia. His expertise is in psychiatric epidemiology, burden of disease estimates, mental health policy analysis and service development. Dr Whiteford leads the Policy and Epidemiology Group at the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research, an Australian Centre for Research Excellence in mental health and the Mental Disorders Expert Group for the Global Burden of Disease Studies.



Advocacy in Challenging Environments: 23 July, 2014

How do you advocate for a health issue? How do you get your message across when everyone else is also talking? How do you advocate in a climate where no-one seems to be listening? Two of Australia’s best advocates shared their experiences with us. You can view recordings of Caroline de Costa and Michael Moore's presentations.

About the presenters:

Michael Moore is CEO of PHAA. He is a former Minister of Health and Community Care and was an Independent member of the Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly for four terms from 1989 to 2001. He was the first Australian Independent Member to be appointed as a Minister to a Government Executive. Michael holds a post-graduate diploma in education, a master's degree in population health, is an adjunct professor with the University of Canberra and is widely published. He is also a political and social columnist who has served on a range of Boards including the ACT Local Hospital Network, Australian Health Care Reform Alliance, the National Drug Research Institute and the Institute of Public Administration.

Dr Caroline de Costa AM is a Professor of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Director, Clinical School, James Cook University, Cairns campus. PHAA's 2013 Sidney Sax Medallist, Caroline is deeply involved in improving outcomes for Indigenous women in the area of obstetrics and gynaecology. She is currently conducting research into possible interventions to reduce the incidence of foetal alcohol syndrome amongst the children of indigenous women in Far North Queensland. She is also conducting research into the efficacy of dark chocolate in reducing the incidence of pre-eclampsia among primigravid women in Far North Queensland and Canberra. She also has an interest in caesarean section, including the history and social implications of this common operation as well as techniques and risks of the surgery. She has been active and successful in public movements to reform abortion law.


PHAA QLD AGM: 14 July, 2014

Thank you to all PHAA QLD members who attended the branch Annual General Meeting, chaired by Dr Sara Gollschewski, previous Branch President. This meeting provided members an opportunity to receive and consider reports from the Branch President and Treasurer on the activities of the branch during the past financial year, to review the branch strategic plan and policies, and to provide input on future directions and activities. Thank you everyone for your input.

The new PHAA-Qld branch committee

Elkington Oration: August 26, 2013

2013 Queensland Australian of the Year Professor Adele Green spoke about multi-faceted approaches in sun protection. Billions of dollars are spent trying to cure premature aging of the skin. Similarly disproportionate but enormous amounts are spent in the treatment of skin cancers in Australia. Both conditions are caused by excessive sun exposure often from a young age. Through multi-faceted approaches and cultural change, effective sun protection is achievable, thus retarding skin aging and preventing skin cancers including melanoma, now and into the future.

About the presenter:

Professor Adele Green

Professor Adèle Green has been named the Queensland Australian of the Year 2013 in recognition of her 20-year war on skin cancer at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research. Professor Green is a senior scientist at QIMR, a former Deputy Director, and Head of the Institute’s Cancer and Population Studies Group. Professor Green also headed up a study which determined that the survival rate of patients with thin invasive melanoma was 96%, offering hope and reassurance to sufferers. It remains the only published analysis of very long-term survival rates for these patients. Professor Green was also appointed a Companion of the Order of Australia in 2004 for service to medical research to public health including improved Indigenous health, and for leadership in the wider scientific community.




Efficient preparation of a Systematic Review: July 23, 2013

Professor Philip Baker from the Queensland University of Technology gave an excellent presentation about the "how to" aspects of systematic review completion on July 23rd, 2013, providing tips such as how to select an author team, communicate with the team, and manage the review as a whole. Professor Baker has kindly made his slides available here, and a recording of the presentation is available here.

About the presenter:

Prof Philip Baker is Professor of Epidemiology, School of Public Health and Social Work, QUT, a journal editor for the Cochrane Public Health Group, and a review author of six Cochrane Systematic Reviews.